Saturday, January 26, 2013

New set of tires

Sitting in Gateway Tires waiting on a new set to be put on my car.  Driving into Lawrenceburg a couple of weeks ago, I started hearing a noise. I was in stop and go traffic in that string of red lights so I wasn't sure what I was hearing. Finally I decided that something was desperately wrong with the tires and pulled off the road into the parking lot of a strip mall. Oh my gosh! The rear wheel on the driver's side was on the pavement.  I had driven on a flat a couple of miles at least, don't know when I got the flat. Called Southend Auto and the guy came out and changed it for me. Drove the car to the station to get a used tire because the spare is little and you're not supposed to drive very fast on it or for many miles. It's only temporary.  Anyway I checked out the flat tire and it had been speared through one of the grooves by...... get this...... a ROCK!!!    Unbelievable!  Of course it was ruined by me driving on it flat..... besides having a ROCK PIERCING IT!
Everything worked out, only took about 45 minutes out of my work day,  not counting the time I took showing everyone the pictures of the Tire With a Rock Stuck In It.

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