Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Drive By Shootings from this month....

~both were taken 1/16/2013 in the late afternoon~
not exactly drive by's -
 I was standing in the door of my car in the yard where I'd parked

I love finding old log buildings in the woods by the side of the road!
~this was taken 1/17/2013 in the morning~

~an hour later, same day~

~note the icicles hanging from the roof~

~old wood, old paint, old signs, old logs~
~one day I'll photograph the "See Rock City" sign painted on the roof~

~less than 3 hours after the log barn photo~

~rainy, snowy, messy day~

~this is the opposite side of the old wood building, 
less than 2 hours after the first photo of the same building~

It was a strange day, muddled through the rain first, then the snow.  Management called a snow day before noon and texted us to go home.  Some places got 2 inches in just a short while.  A short while later, the sun had come out and it all was melted.

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