Each morning (when I'm good) I do these exercises on a 1/2 inch black foam exercise mat I bought at Dunham's for $17.  

  1. single knee to chest and hold to slow count of 5, then repeat with other leg.
  2. both knees to chest and hold.
  3. trunk rotation to one side, then the other - hold in each direction.  keep my opposite shoulder on the floor
  4. ab-crunch-hold
  5. bridge  
  6. straight leg stretch using a yoga strap
  7. rock on my back - forward and back -  holding my thighs and then sit up
  8. butterfly pose.
  9. if I'm feeling particularly froggy, I do the frog pose:  squat down onto toes, heels lifted and touching each other, fingertips on floor in front of toes.  Breathe in as I stretch my legs up, heels stay together and still on toes.  keep hands on floor, then breathe out and squat back down to starting position.
  10. Added in July:
    downward dog pose
  11. plank - from downward dog, I place my hands forward a bit and lower my trunk to hold straight like a plank with weight bearing on my hands and toes