Saturday, November 24, 2012

2012 Christmas Ornaments

It'll soon be Christmas and my project this year is to make enough ornaments to give to everyone at our family Christmas gathering the second Sunday in December.  Last minute making, but it's fun.
Cutting and folding paper, I need 12 folded papers like those above
for one ornament.  I love the Houndstooth print I found last year.
Roll Tide!

I used the bottle and wire to make a drying rack for after I
Mod Podged them

 After spraying with a gloss finish, I use wire and beads to form a hanger and to add a tassel.  The red one is from Christmas 2011.

 I spent the afternoon cutting strips of wrapping paper to cut into 4-inch squares later.  I used all the Houndstooth paper and cut 10 strips from each of the two flower patterned ones.

The backside of Hallmark paper is printed with 1-inch squares,
making it easy to cut squares of paper for the origami folding.

This is what I use:  Hallmark heavy-weight gift wrap
"with cutting lines"  :-)  And I'm proud to report that 
Hallmark gift wrap is made in the USA!

See!!  It says so right there on the paper!

I'll let you know how the ornaments turn out.  Besides cutting paper, I've been busy today catching up with the laundry and dishes... mounds and mounds of both.  I'll cut the strips of paper into 4-inch squares tonight before I go to bed.  Good night, all!


Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Getting ready for Holidays!

My friend is making wreaths.  She says it relaxes her.  I know just looking at mine relaxes me!  She has done such a wonderful job and has many different designs and colors.  When I got it last Friday  I could hardly wait to get home to hang it on my door!  When I'm in the kitchen I can enjoy it.

Red, White and Blue --
Christmas/Winter and Patriotic, too!

Note the Avon heart I pinned to his scarf!


Thursday, November 1, 2012

Fall and Patriotism

No, this post isn't about the fall season.  I had my first "senior" (gah! I wish AARP would quit sending me those enrollment cards, reminding me that I'm getting older) fall today and hopefully my last.  Actually it wasn't exactly senior.  I had run my errands this morning, making several stops after getting out of doctor's office.  I was on my next to last mission back in my little town and had stopped to pay storage rental for November and parked in front of the office. There on the asphalt was a yellow strap used to bind a box for packing.  The strap is plastic and is heat sealed into a band that wraps around a package.  I never thought anything about stepping on it until my swing foot got caught in the band that my stance foot was holding down.  And right now I can't tell you which foot stepped on it and which foot got caught.  The next thing I knew I was flying through the air, trying to get my feet under me to keep me from a great fall. Gravity won, my right knee took the brunt, scraped my right pinkie knuckle and elbow and caught my balance with my left outer palm. My first thought was:  my new jeans!  I just knew I'd torn the knee.  Nope, just a dirty asphalt stain.  Whew.  I'll be alright when my  pride mends.

 Later I noticed that the pavement had scratched my wedding band and engagement ring......sigh.

On a good note, I accomplished all the missions I'd set out to do today, things that I'd been putting off doing until I could take a day off work and just do them (Nike). ha.

Now I don't have to rush next Tuesday.
Yea, me!!!