Thursday, September 4, 2014

Throwback Thursday

I've never posted anything throwback on Thursdays.... not even on Facebook, but I was thinking I'd like to post on this blog on a regular basis and not just once every few months.  So I thunk and I thunk.... knowing nothing, not having any creative, new ideas... I could do a Throwback Thursday of art/craft I've done in the past.  What to post for this first in a series??  I looked around my mess studio (really I was taking a shower and going through the files of stuff in my head) and decided upon this piece. 

 I was still living at home so this is perhaps 40 years old or more.  I wrapped string around a Pringles can and probably used poster paint for the sunflower.  Can you see the face in the center of the flower?

 I've kept this silly thing for all this time and have used it to house incense sticks most recently (when the boys were still home)

Don't even know what's in it now......leftover incense I wouldn't let the boys use.   ha

I don't even use incense anymore.... takes up too much of the air I breathe.  :-)