Thursday, November 21, 2013

Current project - spiral crocheted doilies

I made the larger one years ago and have at least one as an unfinished project. Had no desire to make again until this week.  So we shall see

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Friday, February 1, 2013

digital photos for real.

Ordered photos from Walmart tonight.  Looked through some landscape photos I took and some family photos.  Some old, some new.  It will be interesting to see what they look like in my hands on real photo paper instead of sitting in front of my computer zooming in for details, etc.

I've been taking photos of Dale's wood burning and have made an album of his art.  This is what started me ordering photos tonight, trying to keep up with his plaques.  That and my kindergartener great-niece's beauty walk... Turns out my great-niece and my great-great-niece are both kindergarteners.  I know because I have photos (smile)

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Whether report?

January 30 and the buttercups are blooming.  
Wonder if they'll bloom again in March 
or will this be the blooming season this year?  
Freezing weather tonight and for the rest of the week.

Love the quilt block on the barns -
quite a bright spot and I adore red barns!

I took several photos of this barn.  
The cows seemed to multiply in each subsequent photo I took 
.....and they all turned to pose for me.
This was my one of my favorite shots today.

Creeping up on Spring

Do I see spring peeping through the cracks between the rocks?

Drive By Shootings from this month....

~both were taken 1/16/2013 in the late afternoon~
not exactly drive by's -
 I was standing in the door of my car in the yard where I'd parked

I love finding old log buildings in the woods by the side of the road!
~this was taken 1/17/2013 in the morning~

~an hour later, same day~

~note the icicles hanging from the roof~

~old wood, old paint, old signs, old logs~
~one day I'll photograph the "See Rock City" sign painted on the roof~

~less than 3 hours after the log barn photo~

~rainy, snowy, messy day~

~this is the opposite side of the old wood building, 
less than 2 hours after the first photo of the same building~

It was a strange day, muddled through the rain first, then the snow.  Management called a snow day before noon and texted us to go home.  Some places got 2 inches in just a short while.  A short while later, the sun had come out and it all was melted.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

New set of tires

Sitting in Gateway Tires waiting on a new set to be put on my car.  Driving into Lawrenceburg a couple of weeks ago, I started hearing a noise. I was in stop and go traffic in that string of red lights so I wasn't sure what I was hearing. Finally I decided that something was desperately wrong with the tires and pulled off the road into the parking lot of a strip mall. Oh my gosh! The rear wheel on the driver's side was on the pavement.  I had driven on a flat a couple of miles at least, don't know when I got the flat. Called Southend Auto and the guy came out and changed it for me. Drove the car to the station to get a used tire because the spare is little and you're not supposed to drive very fast on it or for many miles. It's only temporary.  Anyway I checked out the flat tire and it had been speared through one of the grooves by...... get this...... a ROCK!!!    Unbelievable!  Of course it was ruined by me driving on it flat..... besides having a ROCK PIERCING IT!
Everything worked out, only took about 45 minutes out of my work day,  not counting the time I took showing everyone the pictures of the Tire With a Rock Stuck In It.

Friday, January 4, 2013