Saturday, June 30, 2012

Pancakes for breakfast

Had a hankering for Pancakes this morning and wanted them to be different.  Here's my thought process regarding ingredients:  Bisquik.  And for moisture, Dannon Plain Greek Yogurt.  Mmmm... Blueberries.  Still too thick. Need a grain:  Ground Flax Seed.  Now for the moisture, some kind of juice maybe... don't want to use skim milk and not the soy or almond milk.  Opened fridge door and saw the container of Pineapple Rings full of juice. (100% juice, no sugar added).  Added enough Pineapple Juice to make the batter thin enough to pour.  Used my griddle and cooked 3 at a time (first batch).  Placed on my Fiesta Plate, opened fridge door for the I Can't Believe It's Not Butter spray and saw the  Hormel Real Bacon Bits... hmmm.... love that Smokey Bacon!  Sprayed with the Not Butter Spray and topped with Bacon Bits and covered with Pure Maple Syrup.

Yum, so good!!  What a way to start my first day of VACATION!!!