Friday, July 22, 2011

How Does My Garden Grow? Quite Contrary!

I did a 2 in 1 shot here showing my zinnias.  The one on the left doesn't have any petals.  Both were volunteers that grew from seeds from last year's plants.  I've never seen this mutation before.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Parsley lover

This is the 2nd year for the parsley and it has grown outlandishly, going to seed in early spring.  I discovered these worms which were so striking on the stalks, that I've just left the plant and worms alone to do their own thing.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

July 4th fun with family

A couple of weeks before the 4th, I was inspired to have fun with fabric.  I used Pentel Arts Fabric Fun Pastel Dye Sticks.  They look and use like crayons, but are for use on fabric.  This is my first creation:

Then I added a star stamped in gold:

Next, I was itching to make a "grunge bag".  My niece's birthday is July 4th and our family gathers at my brother and sister-in-law's house for a celebration.  I went through my fabric stash and found exactly the fabric I wanted to use.  Here is the grunge bag I made for Carla:
Complete with Fireworks!!
My next vision had to do with the party itself.  I would be with my nieces and nephews who are all grown and have children of their own, which makes me a great aunt.  I tell them I am their great aunt!  So I figure if I'm going to be a great aunt, then I must act like one. Since I only see them once or twice a year during various family gatherings, I like to bring arts & crafts projects and enjoy getting to know them.  I cut basic cotton twill fabric to make simple bags - only completed 2 before the party, but I cut out squares and rectangles of fabric big enough to make the bags and then some smaller sizes just for fun.

Lillie said hers was a poster for her room. 


I completed Wesley's and Avery's bag
later at home

I tell you, I had plenty of fun!!!!