Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Time passages..... (posted 12-12-12)

Generations.  There were 4 represented at our Christmas gathering on Sunday.  Me and my siblings (numbering 7) are Generation 1 since our parents have both died. Our children are Generation 2 and are 14 in number. Generation 2 has children (Generation 3) and some are grown with children (Generation 4) of their own.

(My S-I-L's mom dropped by -- it was so good to see her again, wish I could have talked to her more -- which made it 5 generations in my #5sib's family.)

So with 4 generations of our family, I am a great-great-aunt.  My sister is a great-grandmother and my nephew is a grandfather.  My brother is a great-grandfather and my niece is a grandmother.

These people are way too young to be all that!  I'm way too young to be a double great aunt!  In my mind I'm only 17 years old and my great nieces and nephews are running around here looking like their mommas and daddys did at that age.  It's weird, I tell you!  Thinking about my great aunts, seeing them only once in a blue moon and hearing them tell me how much I've grown and look like my momma or my daddy...

I get it now.

I am totally in love with my family.  To be so many generations and to have most of them at home for Christmas was unbelievable.  Who was missing?

  •  #1sib's grandson was in Birmingham studying for exams.
  • #2sib's grandaughter was in Atlanta working.
  • and #2sib's daughter was in New York City working.
  • #5sib's grandson was working (his wife and new baby were there!)
  • #7sib's (this is me) 2 sons were not there - both live in Tennessee
  • #6sib 
Not bad for so many people.  I'll count up the number one day and add to this post.

 gathering of the younguns to open gifts


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