Saturday, November 24, 2012

2012 Christmas Ornaments

It'll soon be Christmas and my project this year is to make enough ornaments to give to everyone at our family Christmas gathering the second Sunday in December.  Last minute making, but it's fun.
Cutting and folding paper, I need 12 folded papers like those above
for one ornament.  I love the Houndstooth print I found last year.
Roll Tide!

I used the bottle and wire to make a drying rack for after I
Mod Podged them

 After spraying with a gloss finish, I use wire and beads to form a hanger and to add a tassel.  The red one is from Christmas 2011.

 I spent the afternoon cutting strips of wrapping paper to cut into 4-inch squares later.  I used all the Houndstooth paper and cut 10 strips from each of the two flower patterned ones.

The backside of Hallmark paper is printed with 1-inch squares,
making it easy to cut squares of paper for the origami folding.

This is what I use:  Hallmark heavy-weight gift wrap
"with cutting lines"  :-)  And I'm proud to report that 
Hallmark gift wrap is made in the USA!

See!!  It says so right there on the paper!

I'll let you know how the ornaments turn out.  Besides cutting paper, I've been busy today catching up with the laundry and dishes... mounds and mounds of both.  I'll cut the strips of paper into 4-inch squares tonight before I go to bed.  Good night, all!


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