Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Sun Dogs

Growing up, my momma would point out sundogs to me if they happened along.  She said it meant a change in weather.  You've probably seen sundogs, maybe you didn't call them that or maybe you didn't know they had a name.  I thought momma just made it up until I happened to see a story on Discovery channel about sundogs.  There is a scientific reason for the halo and sundogs and it was explained.  Basically the information boiled down to a change in weather.  Go ahead, Google it. Momma knew what she was talking about. The ones I saw today were unusually bright.  They made almost a rainbow circle around the sun.  In fact there was a mirror image rainbow above one of the rainbows at the apex of the halo. They were beautiful making rainbow darts in the fall sky. And, I don't remember ever taking a photo of the sun.  Today was a first!

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