Saturday, September 24, 2011

Flowers, Flowers and more Flowers

It's been over a month since I posted!  Busy at work and haven't done much on the computer, nothing interested me.  Took photos today of the roses added to those I took the other day of the coleus and petunias.... never grow tired of taking photos of flowers.  Odd that way, I guess.

It seems that the flowers are so beautiful now... a shame that it's September and the season is almost over. The first day of Fall was Friday and it was 47degrees this morning when we got up.  Won't be much longer
to enjoy the blooms.

The Coleus were volunteers from those I'd planted
in the same bed last year,
except the group of 3 that Ginger gave me.

beautiful and varied colorations

and even pretty blooms, which I'd pinched
back until this last month

Next year's crop should be interesting, too.

We found some unusual Petunias in the spring...
had never seen one that's black with yellow stars

Nov 17 note: I saw photo in magazine, petunia is named "Phantom"

Unbelievable how the roses have grown this (their first) summer!

Stopping to smell the roses

Mama Alice's roses.
This bush is from a cutting of a bouquet
I'd make in 2008 from the bush that my mother
planted at my house years ago... many years ago.

It's fun to make various combinations of colors for the bouquets. My dear hubby did these.
I just added the vase of 3 in the back.

The pink roses are unbelievably the prettiest pink I've ever seen!
(I am not a pink person)
The light color rose in the middle of the pink ones is the Peace rose.

Love my bouquets of roses and my little
Willow Tree "Sunshine" Angel

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