Saturday, June 11, 2011

"next blog"

Last night I went searching for blogs from "next blog". There are some pretty interesting blogs out there. Many do a type of photo journal. Some have weekly themes that they discuss which is kinda neat. It is fun so see how people live their lives. Also interesting is that there were no men bloggers that came up in the next blog. True enough I didn't go that far as the internet/computer was way slow.

So, in beginning my blog, I think it is important to develop a system of writing so that I actually do write. It reminds me of when I was in the MSN group, Phany's Farm. I met some different people online and we became friends, chatting about whatever. We'd develop threads of conversation, playing games with one another. There'd be different pages where conversations were carried on to the extreme. One was the Coffee Chat which I think I started. It was just writing what a conversation might be like over a cuppa coffee with a friend: about my day. Anyone could post what was going on in their lives. Then there was My New Job which Genie started. It was simply a made up story about working for one of the members of the group who was kind of a lady's man. Almost every member of the group became a cast member in this storyline.

Now I don't want to tell made up stories. At this time, I'd like to simply write what I'm thinking about. Hopefully my blog will evolve into something that will become interesting to read as well.

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